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MEGAGREEN® is a 100 % natural product made of calcite micro particles !

MEGAGREEN® is a foliar treatment which acts on the plant reinforcement and on the activation of the primary and secondary metabolisms. It favours a better resistance of the plant against the biotic and abiotic stresses. MEGAGREEN ® is a all-natural mineral product, whose uniqueness as a leaf manure is based on a patented tribomechanical activation of limestone.
Moreover, it improves quality and yield of cultivations, while the environment is always respected. MEGAGREEN ® is a plant nutrition, made of activated micronised natural calcite.
A brand new innovative concept: due to the worldwide unique milling technology, called tribomechanical activation, which makes it possible to create mineral particles that are small enough to enter the leaf.

MEGAGREEN ® is an efficient photosynthetic activator, it reduces water needs, and acts as a strengthening agent and a natural plant vaccination.

The product line of MEGAGREEN ® consists of three products:



Represents a basic product of the line.
It consists from Calcite micro particles. It acts on the plant reinforcement and on the activation of the primary and secondary metabolisms.


This is new, tested and approved derivation of MEGAGREEN ®.
It's made from Calcite micro particles with addition of Zeolite minerals and Spirulina algae which have a lot of chlorophyll.

Represents a combination of calcite micro particles and zeolite mi-nerals with addition of dried Stinging Nettle extract (Urticaceae).
The aim of this mixture is increasing of vegetal immunity to pest attack and fungal disease, therefore reducing the need of pesticides.

MEGAGREEN ® is a natural product in powder form made of calcite micro particles.
• Plastic recyclable bottles: 0,25 kg and 1 kg
• Natron bags: 5 kg and 10 kg


MEGAGREEN ® is a 100% natural mineral product, whose uniqueness as a leaf manure is based on a patented tribomechanical activation of limestone.
Limestone particles (lime carbonate 83 from natural deposits with trace elements) are treated and activated for MEGAGREEN ® in a special technological feeding system, using mechanical friction and the occurrence of high energy, high frequency particle collisions.


CaO - 44,10% Zn - 60 mg/kg
MgO - 2,20% Cu - 22,50 mg/kg
Fe2O3 - 1,20% Pb - 11,50 mg/kg
Al2O3 - 0,70% Ni - 3,30 mg/kg
SiO2 - 9,10% Cr - 3,25 mg/kg
SO4 - 0,11% Cd - 0,8 mg/kg
Mn - 132 mg/kg Hg - traces mg/kg


MEGAGREEN ® is applicable in following areas:
• Agriculture
• Gardening
• Citrus/Olive
• Arboriculture
• Grapevines
• Ornamental plants
• Landscaping
• Golf places
• Sports facilities/lawn
• Green places/parks
• Forestry
For the following species you can see the effects of MEGAGREEN ® treatments on comparative photos.

• MEGAGREEN ® can be used with any commercially available pump/air-pressure spray system or common agricultural spray system.
• Mix the corresponding dose of MEGAGREEN ® with water (according to the specifications of the individual plant types) and afterwards shake or stir it vigorously. Pump/air-pressure spray systems for agricultural use are usually equipped with an integrated swirl mechanism.
• MEGAGREEN ® can also be applied onto the plants in greenhouses via spraying systems. In the case of a daily application the concentration of suspension is reduced to a 0.1% solution.
• MEGAGREEN ® should be preferably applied in the evening, in order to benefit from the high air humidity and dew formation during the night, resulting in a better absorption.
• MEGAGREEN ® is a leaf manure and can already be applied as such from the second - third foliation.
The use of natural green® is of course also profitable with perennial economic plants.
• Do not mix MEGAGREEN ® with plant protection products such as pesticides and herbicides!
• In open land MEGAGREEN ® should not be applied during rain weather.
• MEGAGREEN ® is appropriate for all types of plants.
• When mixing MEGAGREEN ® leaf manure with splash water, the formation of dust should preferably be avoided, and if necessary, a respirator mask should be worn.


Efficiency of MEGAGREEN ® is proven in many researches conducted in Europe (France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Bulgaria, ...), Asia (China, India, ...) and South America (Chile, Columbia, ...).
Effects of MEGAGREEN ®:
1. Recreation of vegetal vitality
2. Increase of yields and yield stability
3. Faster and better growth
4. Growth improvement of seedlings
5. Crop maturity up to 14 days earlier
6. Better storing and transport capacity of the fruits due to an increased texture stability by enhanced calcium supply
7. Increase of sugar rate, vitamins and flavonoids, due to physiological reactions
of calcium and CO2. Result: healthier products!
8. Intensification of aroma and all the other sensory properties
9. Increase of vegetal immunity due to solid leaf structure
10. The leaf gets a more intensive green colouring and becomes generally more resistant
to pest attack and fungal disease, reducing the need of pesticides.
11. Reduction of deficiency symptoms and diseases
12. Less hydrous stress due to more vitality
13. Water saving due to more efficient use of limited water resources

For the following species you can see the effects of MEGAGREEN ® treatments on comparative photos.

Monday, November 30, 2009


What is megagreen
Is a world inovation in agriculture and ecological production healty food.It is natural mineral ecological ingrdiant for grow and yield imporovement on plants culture,and their own procetion.Megagreen is made from natural mineral calcit.

Where megagreeen is applicable??
Megagreen can be applicable in all sorts of plants:
-Cereal and industrial culture(wheat,maize,sunflower,barley,rice.soya etc.)
Fruit(apple strawberry,pear,olivie,water melon,greap etc).
Vegetable ( tomato,cucamber,carrot,onion,salat,garbie etc).
Flower decorative plants grass amn forest surfaces.

Efect of Megagreen
1.Increse plant reistance;
2.Increse yield(by rapid apsorption on mutrition)materias;
3.Shortene product period and continue plant vegetation period;
4.Increse plant resistance for onsect and ilnesess;
5.In dry area it readuse plants need for water to 70% ;
6.Continue time for sorage on the product.

How to use Megagreen??
It's used like 0,3%-0,5% coloide solution
-3g/l water (0,3%) for green garden of if plantsin closed space like room;
-5g/l water (0,5%0 for external surfaces;
- 1kg/200 l water or 2-2,5 kg/ha dependly from used cultivated culture.

Before use mixter have to be well mixed and it's useinlike spry like very small drops solution through green parts from the plants.It is recomended use in on the solution on every 10 -15 days for the time of vegetation period especialy in unconveniate conditions or ilnesses on evry 7-8 days in the morning and evening.